We Are Experts in Antibody Screening, Protein Expression, Cell Line Modification, CAR-T/TCR-T Generation, Recombinant Virus Packaging and Therapeutic antibody discovery.

Antibody Service

You can get Human antibody, antibody humanization, and phage antibody library service here.

Protein Service

Click me to get information of Mammalian Cell and Bacterial Expression.

Custom Engineered Cell Line

Over expressed stable cell line and Knock-Out Cell Lines are all in here.

Immune Cell therapy services

We provide the best TCR-T and CAR-T service in China!

Virus Packaging

We are expert in recombinant lentivirus and Adenovious package.

Service for Industries

One stop service for therapeutic antibodies discovery.


There is always a product which you need for the experiment.


You want more types of antibodies? So you need me!

CAR lentiviral vectors

We have both anti-soiled and anti-blood cancer CAR lentiviral vectors for you!

lentivirus packaging mix

Do you want high titer of lentivirus? Click me.


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